Snot Patties

Snot Patties are Dan Jircitano, Justin Morgan, and Kyle Szklenski. They made primitive, catchy songs.

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Time to Fly Around

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01. The Apti-Toad
02. Ending at the Starting Place
03. Time to Fly Around
04. Hollow Dog
05. Gerund
06. Thinking Too Hard
07. Fear of Prawns
08. Locksmith
09. Drive to the Moon
10. Experience Kills You
11. Been Down to the Grape
12. Waiting for the World

Toasted Coughs

G. Wood plays guitar and sings on "Underground."

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01. Pit of My Stomach
02. Fish Without Eyeballs
03. Oregon Cup
04. Glowing Sign
05. Secretive Garment
06. Pyramid Dinosaur
07. Unattainable Glory
08. Scruffy
09. Out In The Brush Wack
10. Man With Three Hats
11. Cup Castle
12. Creatures
13. Giant Crayon Box
14. An Edible Syringe
15. Underground
16. The Biggest Einstein
17. Farmers
18. Buffalo, Nature's Guillotine
19. Dance With the Doofus
20. Chicken's Gettin' Tired
21. The Toe-hat
22. Unitooth Pentapod
23. Gordon Lightfoot is Tonsils
24. Caper in the Fabuloso
25. Left Me Behind

Experiments in Soundology

Features guests Stephen Finch on bass/backing vocals (2, 22, 25), G. Wood on guitar (9), Mark Newara on vocals (26), and Peter Godlewski on trombone (14).

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01. I Am Alone
02. A Man Named Melville
03. He Wants to Live
04. Valor
05. Sharpness
06. Today's Schedule
07. Who Am I, What Am I Eating?
08. Pennies Of The Skies
09. Speak E-Z
10. Recognize
11. (Show Me) Where To Drive
12. Dismay
13. Shingle Master
14. Nice Ducks
15. Photographic Memory
16. Squirrel Death
17. Traffic
18. Fingers vs. Centipedes
19. Blobs of Wool
20. Wolfgang Senff
21. "Tune"
22. Madame Donkey
23. The Great Melting
24. The Christmas War!
25. The Lazy Life
26. A Misunderstood Bean Tries To Achieve Bliss

Chewing Bees

Tracks 8, 9, 10, 20, and 22 feature Andy Williams on backing vocals.

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01. Aunt McGee
02. Can't Find It (My Eye)
03. Dandelion Masher
04. Garbage Goes
05. Destroy the Stoat!
06. Flying Goats
07. Odin, God of the North
08. Nice Corner of Hell
09. Snot Patty Shack Shanty
10. Snot Patty Reprise
11. The Ram of Truth
12. I Went to the West Indies
13. The Jumblehood
14. I Love My Sloth
15. Clam Song
16. Mrs. Grundy
17. Travelling to Chicago
18. Bottle Rockets
19. Turkish Oath
20. Elephant Waffles
21. Pee Cats
22. Salute the Toff (The Toff on Fire)
23. Earwig Song
24. Clambake
25. Hector's Canyon
26. The Mind of a Liar

Bonus tracks, recorded live on radio at Thiel College:
27. The Snails of Our Brooms
28. Can't Find It (My Eye)
29. Snot Patty Shack Shanty (Shout Out version)



There are a few improvised songs on every Snot Patties album. Many tunes that began as improvs were then smoothed out and re-recorded. These ten songs were all recorded together during the Time to Fly Around days, but were never revisited.

Download entire album for free (53.3 MB)

01. Ball of Clay
02. Broken a Tooth
03. Don't Let it Happen to You
04. I'll Never Read That Book Again
05. Let's Do the Rubberband
06. Only an Outhouse
07. Shoebox
08. Aardvark & Goat Parade
09. Are You Thirsty?
10. Ball of Clay Too

Bonus tracks:
11. Sunglasses
12. Half Hour Impromptu
13. Untitled Demo (2006)

Assorted Odd Ditties

Outtakes, alternate versions, demos, etc.

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01. A Tree Whispers Your Name
02. Battle Hymn For The Mouse
03. Bilge Water 'n' Pillow Cakes
04. Chicken's Gettin' Tired (Outdoors Version)
05. Creatures (Guitar Version)
06. Dance With The Doofus (Demo)
07. Fluffworms
08. Fried Without Warning
09. Giant Crayon Box (Demo)
10. Justin's Piano Piece
11. King Of Town
12. Kylesongs
13. Ode To Snakes
14. Pennies Of The Skies (different mix)
15. Rumpled Mart, Sighed Fran
16. Secretive Garment (Demo)
17. Shutup Jerk
18. The Lazy Life (demo)
19. The Toe-Hat (Demo)
20. They Built Reservoirs
21. Time To Fly Around (live in the Basement)
22. Today's Schedule (demo)
23. Trisong
24. Wornout Eyes
25. Wrecking Ball Soul


The first recordings made after acquiring a four-track recorder, this was an attempt to re-record certain songs with higher fidelity/production values, taking advantage of overdubs. This method was not condusive to the band's working methods and these versions are generally considered inferior to their one-take counterparts, although a couple of these versions did appear on Toasted Coughs.

Download entire album for free (25 MB)

01. Secretive Garment
02. Pennies of the Skies
03. Sharpness
04. Who Am I, What Am I Eating?
05. Giant Crayon Box
06. The Toe-Hat
07. (Show Me) Where To Drive
08. An Edible Syringe
09. Creatures