Here are some things you should know about us:

1. All of our releases are available for free download on this very site, because we like to share. However, if you like what you hear, we strongly encourage you to purchase the albums and support the artists. Each CD comes with lovingly hand-made packaging, and who doesn't like getting things in the mail?

2. You will find a lot of overlap in terms of the musicians in each of our bands. This isn't because we're playing favorites or just inviting our friends to join the label; rather, it goes to show that when an artist joins Awkwardcore, they're joining a collective of like-minded musicians. That common thread could be called by many names, but in essence our artists all share a sense of doing things differently. Whether that's refuting the "rules" of pop music composition, recording an album long-distance, or just singing in a funny voice, we aim to celebrate it.

3. Awkwardcore was founded in 2007 by several members of the band Fewn. We live in Rochester, NY. Our humble label seems like the culmination of many of our ideas about music, so we hope that we can keep this venture going for a long time. Thanks for the visit!

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